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Budget Friendly Father’s Day Ideas


You don’t have to break your budget to enjoy a great Father’s Day. Continue reading for our list of budget friendly Father’s day gifts and activities.



Make his favorite meal. Whip together his favorite meal and enjoy it together at home, instead of keeping that expensive restaurant reservation. If it’s a nice day, fire up the grill and enjoy it outside!


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Do some yard work. Do his hedges need to be trimmed? Is the grass getting long? Take the initiative and do his yard work – this gesture will not go unappreciated!


Let him beat you in Scrabble. Instead of going out and splurging on an expensive meal, have a night-in with pizza and his favorite board games – like Scrabble, Chess or Monopoly! Click here for some tips to help you host the perfect game night.


Buy him a personalized mug. Is the father-figure in your life a coffee drinker? A mug that is decorated with some funny, family photos or quotes is the perfect gift for him! Not only is this a unique and thoughtful gift, but it’s inexpensive.

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Get him a CUMONEY Visa TravelMoney® Reloadable Card. Encourage him to get out and explore with a Visa TravelMoney® Card from SeaComm! He can track his balance and spending with just a few clicks, and enjoy his travels without having to carry cash. Click here to learn more.

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