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7 Easy Ways to Save Money this Summer


Here are some creative ways to spend less, and put some extra money in your pocket this summer!


Before you take a trip, check for discounts. Whether you are embarking on a weekend road trip or traveling across the country for a week – be sure to check sites like Groupon and LivingSocial for local discounts. You can find hotel rooms, amusement park tickets and concert tickets at a discounted rate!


Check your AC for needed maintenance. The last thing you would want is your Air Conditioner to break down in the middle of July. Replace the filters early in the summer and give the AC a substantial cleaning before you turn it on. In an effort to lower your energy costs, try setting the temperature at 72 rather than 68.


Decrease oven use whenever possible. When you use your oven during the summer, your house heats up and the AC is forced to work overtime. If it’s not raining, take out the grill and cook outside. Click here for 13 cheap grilling recipes, courtesy of smartycents!


Lower the heat setting on your dryer. Washing your clothes with colder water will still get your clothes clean, and can save you up to $60 each summer! If it’s a nice day, try hanging your clothes outside to air dry.


Keep your blinds, curtains and windows closed. Having your curtains and blinds open is like creating a greenhouse in your own home. Help retain the cold air from your AC and keep the hot sunlight outside, by closing your blinds and sealing any cracks.


Mow your lawn less. A lawn mowing competition with your neighbors can cost you. Save yourself a few tanks of gas this summer, and let the grass get a little longer this year!

yard sale1.jpg

Have a yard sale. De-clutter your home, make some extra room in your closet, and earn some money! There’s no need to make it a big project – simply toss in items you no longer need anymore, and place a free ad in the paper or on social media.

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