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5 Cheap & Easy Ways to Get Rid of Household Bugs

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Have you ever had a bug problem in your home? Perhaps you still do, but you are “living” with it, simply because you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in extermination fees. Fear no more – check out these 5 cheap and easy ways to get rid of household bugs.


Vinegar Spray. A mixture of roughly one part water and one part vinegar has become a popular way to treat ant problems. Simply blend the water and vinegar in a spray bottle, track the ants, and spray where you believe they are coming from. Most importantly – this all natural solution won’t be harmful to your pets or children!

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Peppermint Oil. Besides making your house smell great, peppermint oil is also a natural repellent for ants, spiders, mosquitoes and even mice. Mix 1 dozen drops of peppermint essential oil in an 8oz container of water, shake, then spray the mixture in and around effected areas; doorways, windows, basement floor.


Flypaper and bug traps. This is ideal for use in your home, or even the garden. You can find poison-free sticky traps online, or you can even make your own DIY trap at home! Click here to get started.

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Dried Lavender or Oil. This wonderful smell isn’t just for your senses, it also repels moths, flies, mosquitoes, and even fleas! You can place sachets of dried lavender in your closets to repel the moths, and spray a blend of 8-10 drops of lavender with 8oz of water around your home to keep other bugs away. Whenever you use essential oil, always be mindful to keep it away from your pets, as some may be sensitive.

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Ditch your plants. If you keep potted plants in your home, they might actually be the cause of your bug problem. Inspect the soil and make sure that there aren’t any insect colonies living in the dirt – as bugs gravitate towards moist soil, and will make it their “home.”

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