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6 Things You Need to Know About Going Paperless


Paper documents and filing cabinets have been the primary way to organize information at home and in offices for decades – but that doesn’t means it’s the best option. Continue reading for the best tips to help you begin your journey towards a paperless life.

The Benefits of a Paperless Life:


You’re helping the environment by going paperless, or simply reducing the amount of paper products you use on a regular basis. Recent studies have shown that a decrease in the use of paper will cut down on pollution, reduce fuel used for transportation, and even save water that is used to produce paper.

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You’re protecting sensitive information. By opting to receive your bills, statements and other sensitive documents through email, you’re decreasing your risk of identity theft.


It’s easier to reference. When it comes time to prepare your taxes or gather paperwork that requires your personal and financial information, it’s much simpler to reference a digital file than it is to sort through a stack of papers.

How You Can Go Paperless Today:


Sign up for everything online. Whenever you subscribe to anything, but sure to do it online. If you are asked to receive updates or promotional offers through the mail, just say “no.” If you do want to receive updates and offers, you can always choose to receive those through email, as well.

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Store your digital files in more than one location. One of the greatest fears of storing information digitally, is the chance that it will get lost. Storing your digital files in more than one location is the easiest solution. Invest a few dollars in a couple flash drives; designate one flash drive for your financial records and credit union statements, and the other flash drive for your personal files.


Switch to eStatements, today! You can choose to have your statements delivered to you online, instead of through the mail. Not only does this help to protect against identity theft, but you’ll also have access to your statements sooner. Your SeaComm statements are password protected and encrypted on a secure website. To enroll in eStatements today, visit SeaComm’s NetTeller™, select e-statements on the top banner, and follow the online instructions. Click here to get started!

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