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7 Great Jobs for People Who Love to Travel


The best remedy for a person who loves to travel but doesn’t have the money to do so…is to get a job that requires it! Here are 7 great jobs for people who love to travel.



If you’ve become an expert in a specific field, or simply have years of experience under your belt – you might consider a career as a professional consultant. A consultant typically works as a sole proprietor, and is expected to share their knowledge and wisdom with other companies. As a consultant, you’ll have the ability to travel as the company sees fit, overseeing projects and taking up temporary assignments in different locations.

Cruise line worker


There are an abundance of jobs available on cruise ships; food service workers, bartenders, hosts, tour guides, dancers, comedians, singers and entertainers. As a cruise line worker, you’ll make a living travelling the world, and you’ll also receive free meals and accommodation!

Event Coordinator

event coordinator.jpg

Event coordinators meet with clients, listen to their needs and present ideas and solutions to their requirements. As an Event coordinator, you’ll be expected to travel as you meet with clients and vendors…but most of the time you’ll be reimbursed for any travel expenses! If you are an organized person who can never sit still…this might be the career for you.

Flight attendant


If you’re outgoing and friendly (and love to travel), a career as a flight attendant might be for you. As far as qualifications go, over-the-top customer service skills and a sincere joy in pleasing others is a requirement. Although you’ll be expected to work unconventional, long hours…you can expect heavily discounted flights for you and your family!

Travel agent

travel agent.jpg

As a travel agent, you will offer helpful and honest advice to clients who are booking trips and vacations. Most travel agents get paid on commission by hotels, airlines and resorts – which doesn’t include other fees the agent is allowed to charge, themselves. If a specific resort or hotel would like you to recommend their establishment and accommodations to your clients, they might actually grant you a complimentary stay (or one that has been significantly discounted) so that you can provide an informed recommendation to future travelers!

Truck driver

truck driver.jpg

If you enjoy independence and the open road, a career as a Trucker might be just what you’re looking for. A job in transportation is steady, because as long as consumers continue to purchase merchandise, there will be a constant need for drivers to transport the goods to destinations.



If you’re creative and have a “good eye,” a career as a Professional photographer might be for you. Whether you’re interested in portraiture, nature photography, or even event photography – you can refine your skills with the purchase of a reliable camera. Photographers will typically travel wherever their work takes them; weddings and special events, newspaper stories, and even special contracts with magazines or other publications.

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