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6 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Since 1970, Earth Day has helped Americans understand that taking care of the environment isn’t just a fad – it’s our responsibility! Here are 6 simple ways you can celebrate this important holiday, on April 22nd…


Clean up litter in your community. This could be in your own yard, neighborhood, or even a park. Gather some friends and family (with garden gloves and trash bags) and pick up litter and other things that have been discarded on the ground. Even if you’re only able to donate an hour or two of your time, it still makes a difference.

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Sell or donate used items instead of discarding them. Holding a garage sale to sell items or lending your unwanted belongings to a charity or non-profit organization are the perfect alternatives to simply throwing them away. Each day, not just on Earth day, we should all be thinking about where our trash goes when it’s taken from the curb.


Recycle and reduce waste. If you’re not already recycling, call the town or city you live in to see if they provide a recycling pick up service, or if there is a redemption center where you can bring recyclables yourself. If you’re already an avid recycler but are looking for other ways to reduce waste, you can reuse your kitchen scraps! Instead of throwing them in the trash, save things like egg shells, citrus peels, and potato peels…and then spread them around in your garden (or in backyard shrubs) to provide additional nutrition to the soil.


Conserve water and electricity in your home. Shorter showers and reducing the amount of plugged-in appliances aren’t the only way to conserve water and energy in your home. You should also consider investing in a reusable water bottle. Instead of purchasing a case of plastic water bottles each week, you can simply refill and wash your reusable one. You should also make sure that your thermostat is turned down (lower than normal) when you’re not at home. Not only will this minimize your carbon footprint, but it can significantly reduce your heating and electric bills.


Switch from paper to electronic. An easy way to “go green” is to switch from mailed statements to e-statements! Not only does this help to conserve paper, but it also decreases your risk of identity theft, and allows you to easily keep track of past finances on your computer or mobile device. Click here to get started!


Remember that every day is Earth Day. Most importantly – be the change you want to see. Practice these tips with your friends and family, throughout the year, (not just on Earth day) and you can feel good knowing that you have made a significant effort to improve the planet for future generations.

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