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SeaComm Pays it Forward to Northern New York


In the past year, SeaComm staff and officials have been seen touring the North Country, performing acts of kindness for unsuspecting strangers…

In 2017, SeaComm introduced a Pay-it-Forward initiative, which allowed the credit union and it’s staff to lend support to surprised citizens by performing random acts of kindness.

Via Main 2.jpg

In March of this year, SeaComm provided over 140 unsuspecting restaurant patrons with a complimentary breakfast. This Pay-it-Forward event took place at Via Main Restaurant, Wendy’s Diner, Nana’s Kitchen and Spanky’s Restaurant in Massena, NY.

SeaComm_CVPH Kids Closet donation.jpg

In July 2017, SeaComm made a large donation of supplies to CVPH Medical Center, in Plattsburgh, NY. The donation included 50 stuffed animals to the CVPH Kid’s Closet, 25 boxes of diapers and 25 newborn gift sets to the Center for Women and Children.


In October 2017, SeaComm delivered a donation of pet supplies to the Elmore SPCA. The supplies included pet food, pet toys, collars, pet treats, cat litter, food and water dishes, and other items to help support the SPCA.


In March 2018, SeaComm provided patrons of Titus Mountain Family Ski Center with donuts, unlimited Coffee and Hot Cocoa, and a complimentary lunch. This Pay-it-Forward event coincided with Titus Mountain’s “Mountain Madness” celebration.


Most recently, SeaComm has paid for groceries for over 100 lucky shoppers at Save-A-Lot in Canton, NY. In addition, SeaComm staff assisted Save-A-Lot customers with bagging their groceries, and provided them with complimentary Eco-bags.

The Pay-it-Forward Campaign has also allowed SeaComm to:

• Pay for movie admission at Regal Cinema’s;

• Provide patients of True North Dental with prizes and a chance to win an iPad;

• Supply the Massena Humane Society with a large donation of pet food, blankets, treats and toys;

• Provide the Nicandri Nature Center with wildlife-themed books, toys, games and art supplies for their visitors to enjoy;

• Pump and pay for gas for over 260 local residents…and more!

SeaComm’s Pay-it-Forward Campaign is ongoing – so keep an eye out for the next event in your area!


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