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Most Important Things to Repair Before You Sell Your House


Selling your home isn’t always easy- especially if there are necessary renovations to be made. But what if you don’t have the budget to take care of everything on your list? Here are five inexpensive improvements to make before you sell your house.



Spruce up with paint. For both the interior and exterior – this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve the look of your home before it’s officially listed. Look throughout your house and determine which rooms could use a new coat. Consider using lighter and neutral shades – as these are the preferred colors for most people.

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Fix up the exterior. The exterior of the home is the first thing your buyers will see, so it’s important to make sure it looks up to par. Take some time to clean up any junk in the yard, replace missing fence boards, touch up the mailbox with some paint, and maintain a neatly trimmed lawn.


Update the kitchen. Most buyers look for a spacious kitchen for cooking and entertaining, with updated appliances and solid surfaces. If your kitchen doesn’t have all of these components, there are a few inexpensive things you can do to make your kitchen and dining area seem more inviting; install new counter tops, replace light fixtures, and clean your floors of any mildew or stains.


Improve lighting. The lighting of a room can make even the smallest home seem more open and inviting. In order to maximize the perception of the space, you will need to take advantage of all lighting options. Be sure to replace all light bulbs with newer, energy efficient ones. If you have a lot of windows throughout your home – use them to your benefit! The use of transparent curtains will allow more natural light to come in and “open” your home, to the buyers’ delight.


Ensure functionality. During an open house, potential buyers will be flipping light switches and turning knobs – so it’s important to make sure that everything works as it should. Inspect your house and pay attention to the functionality of things like doorknobs, ceiling fans and even the garage door. If these things aren’t working properly, be sure to replace them before a potential buyer shows up.

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