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4 Booking Hacks to Get the Best Hotel Price


Hotels are the traditional travel accommodation, and while they are usually comfortable and serve as a nice home away from home – they aren’t always cheap. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to score great deals on hotels for your next getaway…


Get price alerts. Sites like Kayak and HotelsCombined allow you to sign up for price alerts for specific hotels or dates you’re interested in. This means that when the price drops, you’ll get an immediate email notification! So instead of booking an overpriced room in advance, try waiting until the last minute for potential price alerts.


Check for online coupon deals. Groupon has become my main source for all the great coupons – especially those related to travel. Similar sites like LivingSocial and Yipit are other great ways to come across inexpensive hotel deals. Be sure to download the apps so you can always be on top of the “deal of the day.”


Grab a last minute deal. When it’s the day-before or the day-of, hotels are very eager to fill their vacant rooms. So if you decide to book at the last minute, you’ll find that room rates are typically reduced 30-80%, depending on the hotel.


When all else fails – simply ask. There have been times when I was not able to find a reasonable deal either online or through a coupon app. So instead, I have called the hotel (the day-of) and asked them if they could give me their best rate. This route has almost always been successful for me in securing a reasonable deal, as it’s much easier to bargain with a person than a website!

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