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How to Enjoy an Inexpensive Easter Celebration

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This weekend, families across the country will be emptying their wallets in search of candy, baskets, and eggs in celebration of Easter. But did you know there are alternative ways to enjoy this holiday without blowing your budget? Here are 5 tips to help you and your family enjoy an affordable Easter celebration.


Participate in community events. Instead of purchasing a large supply of candy and Easter goodies, see if communities in your area are sponsoring an egg hunt! These community egg hunts are usually accompanied with complimentary treats for the kids and a visit from the Easter bunny.


Load up on eggs. The best (and cheapest) component of Easter. Not only do they make for a great Easter decoration, but you can snack on them later. Instead of throwing away your dyed Easter eggs after your celebration, set them aside for a post-Easter egg salad or deviled egg recipe.


Brunch over dinner. Whether you decide to go out to eat with the family, or prepare a meal at home – brunch is always cheaper than dinner! You can easily get away with preparing simple finger foods and a nice dessert. Here are 50 cheap Easter recipes, to help you get started.


Don’t go overboard on the decorations. Your Easter décor doesn’t have to be all store-bought. Incorporating DIY tricks is a great way to save money, and exercise your creativity! You can get your family involved in making centerpieces, flower-pot decorations and even Easter wreaths. Here are some great DIY techniques to help you spruce up your celebration.

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Buy candy at the right time and the right place. Visit your local supermarket or drugstore the day before Easter, and you’ll likely find the Easter candy at a majorly discounted price. If you would prefer not to wait until the last minute, you can always visit your local dollar store and splurge on the generic stuff, for a fraction of the price!

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