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7 Summer Job Ideas for Students


Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. Whether you are a parent or a student, yourself – you know that the summer months are an opportune time for young people to gain experience through work (and of course, earn some extra money!) without interfering with studies. Here are 7 summer job ideas to help bring in some extra dough.

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Pet Care & Dog Walking

What better way to earn some extra money than to spend time with furry friends? If you’re patient, caring and good with animals – this job is for you! Ask around your neighborhood to see if anyone would like a regular dog walker (or groomer!)

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Lawn Maintenance

If you have a lawn mower or some basic lawn-care tools available to you – this summer job will be a breeze! Put up some signs (in strategic locations) which lists your services, hourly rate and contact information, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the feedback. If you’d like to expand your offerings, partner with a friend or family member and advertise your lawn-care services as a “duo”!

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Food Service

These types of jobs are great opportunities to develop people skills and bring in good money with extra hours! With little to no experience required, you might even find yourself keeping this gig after summer is over.

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Camp Worker or Counselor

A job as a Camp Counselor will offer a chance to develop leadership skills, some extra cash, and even a chance to soak up the sun. As summer is fast approaching, you’ll want to contact local camps about openings or job vacancies very soon!


Painting & Window cleaning

Not only could you paint and clean windows for your neighbors, but you could also check with local businesses to see if they need this work done, as well! Like most summer jobs, it’s a good idea to put up a flyer which outlines your services and rates, as well as contact information – far in advance. You can also check local ads for summer painting jobs, or just ask around with family and friends. Check out this simple recipe for do-it-yourself, all natural window cleaner!


Farm Work

Because we live in the most rural region of New York, we have an abundance of farms. This doesn’t just mean additional cows and pastures – but also the chance to pick up some rewarding side work! Be on the lookout for local help wanted ads in the paper, or even knock on the doors of local farmers to see if they could use a helping hand this summer.

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Car Washing & Detailing

This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make money on the side – and for good reason! You can work solo, or even gather a group of your friends to help out and share the rewards. You can choose to bring their vehicles to your home, but it might be easier to offer onsite washing at their place of residence. Make sure you have all the supplies needed to ensure that your clients’ vehicle is cleaned inside and out; sponges, access to a hose, car-safe soap, portable vacuum, paper and cloth towels, a trash bag, car freshener spray etc. Here are some more tips to help you kick off your car cleaning business!

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