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Planning a Budget-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day


This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday – which makes it even more exciting! Here are some tips to help you plan an inexpensive and fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration.


Make your own St. Patrick’s Day treats. You don’t have to be a master chef to make some mouthwatering dishes on this special day. Check out this gallery of 36 St. Patrick’s Day recipes you can make at home, instead of spending too much at the restaurant!


Raid your closet. Instead of purchasing a brand new, Irish themed outfit – search through clothing that you already own, and pick out anything green. Because St. Patrick’s Day is a fun holiday, you’re not expected to match perfectly. So be sure to incorporate all of your green ties, shirts or blouses, socks and pants – and get festive with family and friends!


If you plan on celebrating at home – ask your guests to contribute to a potluck. Hosting a party complete with food, desserts and beverages can drain your wallet. Save money by making your party a potluck, where each guest brings their favorite St. Patrick’s Day inspired-dish.


Find your budget supplies at your local dollar store. You’ll likely garnish your house with green balloons, streamers and some party favors. But don’t blow your budget on décor! Shopping at budget stores is the only way to make sure that you don’t overspend – after all, these decorations will either end up in the trash or in storage on Sunday!

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Make sure you have your SeaComm Visa Platinum in hand! When you’re out purchasing ingredients, decorations or party favors – make sure to use your SeaComm Visa Platinum Cash Back or Visa Platinum Points! Earn while you shop – with every $1 you spend, you will earn points and/or cash back!

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