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7 Cheap and Creative Valentine’s Ideas


While love doesn’t cost a thing, dating certainly does. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive jewelry and gourmet chocolates – here are 7 ways to swoon your loved one with inexpensive gifts and gestures.


Acts of service. Take over a chore for your beloved, or do some majorly-unexpected house cleaning. When your loved one sees that you’ve taken this initiative (without having to be asked) it will be greatly appreciated!


Hand-written note. Hallmark cards are great – but hand written love notes are even better. Instead of spending $6+ on a card that somebody else wrote, write your own – for FREE! Check out these helpful tips on how to write the perfect love letter for Valentine’s Day.

movie night.jpg

Movie night. Instead of spending $30+ at the movies for admission, popcorn and refreshments – create your own movie night at home! Microwave popcorn, leftover Valentine’s candy, and a romantic comedy – what could be better? Here are some tips to ensure that your movie night is a full blown success.


Cook a meal together. There’s no reason to empty your wallet for a fancy dinner when you can make at home, together. Here are some inexpensive yet decadent Valentine’s Day dinner ideas.

potted plant.jpg

Potted plant. While flowers are always a thoughtful gift to give, they don’t last for long – not to mention they can be expensive. Consider a potted plant. Not only will that be a gift that your other-half can keep all year round, but they also tend to be less expensive than a bouquet of flowers.


A day to yourselves. Plan a day outside to enjoy the last remnants of winter. Go ice-skating, snowshoeing, hiking, or even just have a picnic (with hot chocolate, of course!)


Put together a gift basket. Look for Valentine’s Day themed coffee mugs, candy and decorations – which can all be found at your local dollar store.

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