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5 cheaper alternatives to cable or satellite TV

cable.jpgIt’s now 2018 and we are still paying way too much for cable television. Recent studies have shown that the average American pays $103.10/month for TV service, which equates to $1,237.20/year. (And that’s only the average, some people pay more!) With these prices projected to rise, there’s only one way to save yourself from an empty wallet – ditch cable TV all together. But how can this be done without missing out on your favorite shows? Check out these 5 inexpensive alternatives to cable or satellite TV!

Live streaming TV services 

YouTube TV      


For $35 a month, YouTube TV offers up a variety of live streaming broadcasts from 40 cable channels including ABC, NBC, CBS and ESPN, among others.

The $35 a month price covers six accounts, but only three streams can be watched simultaneously.

Hulu TV


For a price of $39.99 per month, you get live streaming broadcasts from NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, plus 50 additional popular cable channels like ESPN, Food Network, Disney Channel, History, Lifetime and more.

The $39.99 price includes two simultaneous streams per account (meaning: you and one other person can be watching separate shows on separate devices, at the same time) along with 50 hours of cloud DVR. To learn more, click here.



direct tv.jpg

This is AT&T’s contribution to the trend of streaming, starting at $35 a month.

Unlike DIRECTV, with DIRECTV NOW you don’t need a satellite dish. You just need an Internet connection. You can access the service from your phone, tablet or computer.

But here’s one setback: like Hulu, you’re limited to two users at a time on this service.


On-demand streaming services 



My own preferred route of enjoying TV and movies – Netflix – has become one of the most dominant names in the realm of streaming, charging viewers just $9.99 a month for the standard package which includes unlimited TV and movies on multiple screens throughout your home.

But if you’re prepared to sacrifice high-definition (HD) programming, you could pay a lower monthly rate of just $7.99. With this option you’ll only be able to watch in standard definition and only on one screen at the same time in your house.

Since its inception, Netflix has distinguished itself from the competition by introducing a lot of original content to keep you interested – precisely why it has remained my source of viewing pleasure! For more info or to sign up for Netflix, click here.


Amazon Prime

amazon prime.jpg

I have to admit – I am partial to Netflix, but every now and then Amazon Prime presents some good quality shows. Having just finished its biggest selling year to date, it’s no surprise that like Netflix, Amazon has shifted its focus to creating original programs. With popular shows like The Beginning of Everything and Mad Dogs, the streaming component of Amazon is giving traditional cable TV a run for its money.

You can enjoy the streaming services of Amazon Prime for just $8.99 a month – undercutting Netflix by just $1. Which is better? You be the judge. Learn more about the offerings of Amazon Prime here.

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