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5 Frugal Things I’ve Done Lately


Here are five frugal things I’ve done lately, with hopes of inspiring you to do the same!


I’ve utilized Groupon for the bulk of my Christmas gifts. Instead of spending hours and hours in the department store, searching for the “perfect gifts,” I perused through Groupon to find a variety of discounted experiences! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, giving experiences as gifts has proven to be more meaningful. This year, some of my loved ones will be receiving a massage session, acupuncture session, and even a 5 star dinner voucher – all at 50%+ off! The beauty of these Groupons? I don’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail. Upon purchasing, I received an email with a voucher in pdf form. I simply printed them out and placed in a Christmas themed envelope – shopping has never been so easy (or cheap!) If you’re thinking about using Groupon but aren’t too sure, check out these specifics concerning this discount app!


I took advantage of the cold, snowy weather, and befriended my treadmill –again! While I may have derailed from my fitness journey, I’ve decided to begin spending these cold nights-in on my treadmill. And while it’s only been a few days, I can already feel my wallet growing. Instead of braving the cold and spending my after-work hours shopping or going out to eat, I’ll be cooped up in my home gym. Check out these 8 ways to keep fit outside the gym, this winter!


I purchased a reusable K-Cup. I’m a coffee drinker – and there’s no denying that. And as I mentioned in a previous blog post, the cost of coffee can really add up! With my recent purchase of a reusable K-Cup ($6.99) I will now be purchasing ground coffee, which has proven to be much cheaper than K-Cups. In comparing the price of K-Cups versus ground coffee, studies have shown that the per-cup cost was 66 cents versus 28 cents, respectively.

christmas treats.jpg 

I’m planning on giving baked goods as some of my Christmas gifts. Not only is it an inexpensive alternative to giving a conventional style gift, but it shows the recipient that you’ve put in time and effort. Check out these homemade Holiday treats you can make for less than $5!


I repurposed my once damaged Holiday wreath. Last week, I came home to find that my new Balsam Fir Wreath, hanging on the front door, had broken and fallen on the ground. Instead of throwing it out, I manipulated the size to fit perfectly on my dining room table – and it now serves as a Christmas center piece! In the spirit of DIY and repurposing, check out these 17 clever ways to repurpose leftover Christmas décor!

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