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Did You Know That Stress at Work Can Affect Your Wallet?

stressed.jpgIt’s no secret that our jobs shape our identity. But did you know that your job can potentially affect the way you spend money? In fact, studies have shown that added stress from work leads consumers to favor spending over saving. Here are 3 tips to help you make healthy financial decisions despite challenges in your professional life.


If you’ve had a long work week, you might decide to “blow off some steam” and visit your local mall or department store for some retail therapy. Instead of emptying your wallet, talk with your supervisor to possibly ease up on your workload. At the end of the day, your life and well-being should come first.


Ask yourself: What are your goals, and what are the steps to reaching these goals? Whether these are professional milestones or financial objectives, you should write down a plan and then check that each of your actions fit into that plan. If you aren’t making constant efforts to move forward, you’ll likely slip up.


Don’t ignore your emotions. There are too many cases of people resorting to bad spending habits as an effect of being preoccupied with work. Instead of taking the risk of neglecting due dates or exceeding your budget – take some time to ensure that all of your monthly expenses are in order. A great way to help secure your finances is to set up online bill pay, to schedule repeating payments in advance. A bad day at work shouldn’t ever lead you to forget about the importance of staying up to date on your expenses.


I have worked at SeaComm for almost five years now – and instead of feeling stressed or worn out after a long day, I have felt energized and fulfilled, without the need of retail-therapy. Finding a job that won’t drain you (or your wallet) isn’t always easy, it requires time and perseverance. But once you have found the niche you belong in – you’ll know it!

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