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Last Minute Ways to Save Money for Christmas

christmas shopping.jpgWith the holiday’s right around the corner, Christmas shopping begins, and before you know it – your wallet will feel lighter and lighter. But instead of throwing your money away, try out these money saving strategies designated specifically for the holidays!

gift cards.jpg

Gift Cards. Instead of spending money on gifts you’re not even sure that your family and friends will enjoy, buy a few gift cards. While it may not be the most “personal” gift giving route, it’s a foolproof way to ensure that your money isn’t going to waste.


Refrain from eating out. Skip this expensive habit, at least until after the holidays. Even if you just grab one lunchtime snack a week, you could end up saving hundreds of dollars from now until December 25th!


Give the gift of food. Everyone loves food – and it can be a special gesture to receive some of your favorite foods as a gift! Whatever your specialty is (cookies, tarts, brittle, etc.) use it to your advantage and give a gift that you personally worked on, and save some money in the process! One year I baked a large batch of Christmas sugar cookies, and packaged them up in Holiday tins. Everyone enjoyed them, and I wasn’t left broke after the holidays.

no spend.jpg

Have a no-spend week. It sounds more difficult than it really is. It can be quite a task, but a no-spend week is simply a week where you make a promise to yourself to not spend money on anything at all (excluding groceries, gas and other necessities, of course.) This challenge will force you to stay at home, focusing on saving money and getting creative with what you have in your house for food and entertainment.


Shop after Christmas. Do you have friends or family members who you won’t see until after the holidays? Make a note of these individuals – and plan to purchase their gifts once pretty much everything is on clearance! They won’t know the difference, but your wallet sure will.

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