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6 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday like a Pro

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Black Friday is exciting – especially for those of us who enjoy good deals and saving money on Holiday shopping! But if you don’t have a good strategy, you could miss out on the best deals, and inadvertently spend more than you should have to. Here are 6 helpful tips to prepare for Black Friday and avoid disappointment.


Make a budget ASAP

Decide what your must-haves are, and determine what your spending limit is on each item, as well as a grand total. The most effective way to stay within budget is to promise yourself that you won’t exceed your planned spending threshold.

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Try to stay online

While price comparisons are a must, you’ll notice that they are slightly more competitive in an online shop. Needless to say, it’s best to go the online-route for as many items as possible; saving you the time and hassle, as well as money – minimizing the number of Black Friday in store impulse purchases you’re bound to make.

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Check the ads

Get familiar with the Black Friday ads – both online, in the newspapers and circulars. Make note of the specifics – i.e. short-lived deals and minimum purchase requirements.

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Prepare to stand for long periods

Whether you embark on your shopping quest early in the morning, or even after Thanksgiving dinner – you are bound to encounter numerous waits. Bring along a family member or friend to help make the time go by faster.

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Avoid impulse purchases

Once you’ve devised the in store game plan, stick to it. Box stores will use Black Friday as an opportune time to market all of their other, regular-priced items, putting them right in your face as you navigate the store. (And this is where they “get” you). If you stick to your list, you can’t go wrong.

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Use social media to get ahead of the game

Whatever your preferred social media platform may be (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) make sure you have “Liked” or “Followed” your favorite stores. Sometimes, these companies will reward their online followers with exclusive deals – don’t miss out!

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