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5 Things You Must Do To Prepare Your Car for a North Country Winter

winter driving.jpgAs fall begins to fade into winter – it’s time to prepare your vehicle for more hazardous weather. Being proactive and winterizing your vehicle can save you hundreds – maybe thousands of dollars, in the event that you get caught in an unfortunate situation. Don’t overlook these necessary updates to your car, before winter arrives!

wiper blades.jpgReplace the wiper blades. Here in Northern New York we are no strangers to heavy snowfall. The accumulation of snow on your windshield can easily damage your wiper blades – so be sure to invest in a sturdy pair that you can install before the snow arrives. It’s also not a bad idea to keep a replacement pair of blades in your trunk!

paint chips.jpgRepair paint chips. If left unrepaired, these blemishes will easily spread and corrode with the excess accumulation of precipitation and snowfall. To avoid costly repairs at the end of the season, have these imperfections fixed with touch-up paint.

mats.jpgInstall sturdy floor mats. To ensure the interior of your vehicle makes it through another harsh winter unscathed, invest in some good floor mats.

fluids.jpgAsk your mechanic to check the fluids, belts and hoses. If you are low on fluids, have a cracked hose or a worn belt – the harsh winter temperatures will have an even worse effect on the body of your car. Have these checked even before the snow begins to fall, and your wallet will thank you!

emergency kitPrepare an emergency kit. With the unpredictability of North Country winters, you can’t afford to be unprepared. So before the colder days arrive, take an afternoon to purchase some items you might need in the event of a winter emergency. Such as:

  • Boots and blankets
  • A small shovel that will fit in your trunk
  • A flashlight with extra batteries
  • A portable cell-phone charger
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Extra warm clothing

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