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7 Tips for a Budget Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner

food.jpgIt’s already November, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you are hosting your family and friends, or simply bringing a few dishes to pass, here are some great ways to keep costs down when preparing to feast.

potluck.jpgIf you’re hosting, accept help and go ‘potluck’ style. Don’t try to be a holiday hero and tackle the entire menu. Sharing the work with your family and friends won’t just save you a full day of work, but it will also save you a great deal of money.

side dishes.jpg

Prioritize the dishes you know will be a hit. Especially if you are flying solo and preparing dinner on your own, Thanksgiving is not the time to experiment on your family with 15 obscure side dishes. Save yourself the time and money and only invest in what you know they will love – like stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes etc.


Choose generic or store brands. Do you really think your family will know that you went with the no-name bread crumbs for the stuffing? Generic is less expensive but just as good as big name brands.

frozen food.jpg

Opt for frozen and canned ingredients. This tip also applies to the turkey – considering that the bird measures to about 40 percent of the cost of the meal, save some money by buying a store-brand frozen turkey. (Be sure to allow enough time to thaw.)

pumpkin pie.jpg

Buy canned goods like cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie filling before the week of Thanksgiving. You’ll notice that prices on these Thanksgiving necessities have risen once the 7 day countdown begins.

thanksgiving tablescape.jpg

Decorate with what you have in your own backyard – literally. Instead of spending money on themed napkins, centerpieces and fake leaves – use red and green apples as a splash of color for your autumnal table setting, and gather some red, green and yellow fallen leaves from your backyard to add as table garnish.

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Bringing a dish to pass? There are a variety of affordable Thanksgiving recipes – you just need to get creative! Here is a list of 15 inexpensive, simple recipes to enjoy on this special day.

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