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6 Free Activities for Relaxation

relaxation.jpgFeeling stressed at times? There’s no need to spend hundreds for a spa visit to calm your nerves. Happiness and relaxation shouldn’t cost you a dime. Here are proven ways to relax for free.

reading.jpgRead a book. Nothing eases the mind better than getting lost in a gripping tale or a riveting story. Check out this list of 9 books that will help you relax and get rid of some anxiety!

listening to music.jpgListen to Music. Hearing your favorite tunes can turn your mood around in seconds. Make a playlist of your go-to songs and shut out the world.

kitty napping.jpgTake an afternoon nap. Doing so can allow you the rest you need, while leaving you to feel refreshed and prepared to take on the remainder of the day.

meditation.jpgMeditate. Participating in a mind-body relaxation program (yoga, meditation, and cognitive behavioral skills) has led to a 43 percent decrease in a need for medical services for practicing individuals. There is no cheaper way to mitigate the effects of stress and anxiety. Check out this meditation beginner’s guide to start your quest for relaxation.

bath bubbles.jpgTake a bath. Soaking in a hot tub has been a popular way to relax for thousands of years. Taking time to shut out the world (in hot water) will relax your joints and muscles, and even improve your mood.

walking.jpgSet up a “walking date” with one of your close friends. Not only will the exercise give you a chance to clear your mind, but talking about your life and problems with your friends is always therapeutic.

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