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10 Creative Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

rustic wedding.jpg

Tying the knot doesn’t have to mean going broke. Here are 10 creative ways to save money on your wedding, courtesy of BRIDES and BuzzFeed.

Grab a pen (and some friends…)


Instead of paying a stationer for envelope addressing, assembly, and mailing – do it yourself! Going this route could save you up to $7 per set.


Re-purpose your flowers.


Often, weddings consist of separate flowers for the ceremony and reception. Using ceremony décor to bring to the reception venue could save you hundreds of dollars. Enlist some (reliable) friends and family to help bring the arrangements and decorations over to the venue, immediately following the ceremony.

Lose the Glass


Ask the florist to arrange your flowers in plastic containers instead of glass. Your guests won’t even notice the difference, but your wallet will.

Pocket squares, not Boutonnieres

pocket square.jpg

Skipping out on the boutonnieres can add another $300 to your pocket. Encourage the groom and his men to opt for some coordinating pocket squares instead.

Set up your own wedding #hashtag

wedding hashtag.jpg

Most wedding photographers charge by the hour. Instead of enlisting a photographer for the entirety of the wedding, have them take pictures for the ceremony and a part of the reception, and then ask your guests to take over from there. Include your own wedding #hashtag (i.e. #DoeWedding2017) on the invitations or place cards. Your guests can upload their pictures to Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag as a way for you to view the photos and choose the ones you like.

Forget the linens.


Instead of renting or purchasing expensive linens, you can buy your own standard cotton or polyester tablecloths with a decorative runner. Your wallet will thank you.

Look for discounted children’s meals.

children at wedding.jpg

If you do plan on having children at your wedding, be sure to ask if their meals are discounted. Caterers and Venues will often cut the cost in half or offer a separate menu with discounted pricing.

Consider having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday.

sunday wedding.jpg

Most weddings take place on Saturdays. Because of this, vendors and venues typically charge more for this particular day. Opting to have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday could save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.

Fake the cake.

wedding cake.jpg

Fondant and tiered cakes can be incredibly expensive. Have a baker craft a fake cardboard and decorated cake with the top, smallest layer real for cutting, and the rest cardboard, just for “show.” You can purchase basic sheet cakes for the caterers to cut and serve to your guests.

Look for secondhand items before taking out your wallet.

wedding diy.jpg

Wedding décor and supplies will most likely only be used once – so why break the bank for it? Check with your family and friends to see if they would be willing to offer you some of their own supplies. Some great examples for this would be mason jars and tea lights for table luminaries, glass milk containers for vases, and pine cones for rustic style place card holders.

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