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5 Ways to Make Extra Money When Your Budget is Already Stretched

tippingLiving paycheck to paycheck is the unfortunate reality for so many Americans. Regardless of how frequently you are paid or your level of income, the last few days of the month can bring you to the point of pinching pennies. Here are some helpful, creative ways to make some extra money when you need it the most!

Look in some unconventional places. I’m not suggesting that you tear apart your couch looking for loose change, rather, take into consideration the value of some of your belongings. Stereos, iPods, iPhones, name brand clothing, etc. You would be surprised how much money you could make from selling lightly used belongings that you don’t use anymore.

Both ebay and Etsy are great options for online selling!


Turn your spare room into a steady income. If you have some extra space in your house, you can always register as a host through Airbnb. As an Airbnb host, people will pay you to stay in one of your private rooms or residences. I have used Airbnb for numerous accommodations, and I can certainly testify to the convenience of this online marketplace and hospitality service.


Reduce your hidden expenses. I don’t know about you, but I have signed up for a lot of things over the last few years; Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and even an auto-pay gym membership. You should do a “self-audit” of your expenses, determine if these services that charge your bank account each month are actually worth it.

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Throw an autumn garage sale. Who says garage sales are restricted to summertime? In fact, you can really capitalize on the season as a selling point by offering holiday décor, winter clothing and other items geared towards early Christmas shoppers.

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Try the spare-change challenge. While this isn’t necessarily “making” money, it will allow you to develop a substantial amount of savings with little effort.

The requirements are simple: Whenever you make a purchase at the store, or cash your paycheck, whatever change you receive (1 penny to 99 cents) will need to be placed in a central location.

You could store this change in a piggy bank, Regular Savings, or even Christmas club account. The longer you leave these funds alone, the more you’ll end up with!

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