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My First Experience with Airbnb

airbnb11.jpgAs I mentioned in the beginning of August, I was planning a trip throughout New England, while staying at Airbnb’s along the way. As an advocate for saving money whenever I can, I knew this was a great travel option for my wallet. Continue reading to hear about my first Airbnb experience, if I would recommend Airbnb, and the total amount I ended up spending on accommodations!

For those of you who don’t know, Airbnb’s are Bed and Breakfasts’ (sometimes in the owner’s spare room/s) which have become known for having incredibly discounted prices. I decided that this would be the perfect option for the trip, considering my love for traveling but also my innate apprehension for spending too much money.

After a 4 hour drive, we arrived the first Airbnb in Wells, Vermont.


In addition to the picturesque New England landscape, the Airbnb felt like a colonial-style mansion, straight from the pages of a Home and Garden magazine.


I’ve noticed that when people think about booking accommodations through Airbnb, the thought of a lack of privacy can sometimes scare them away. But during our stay we had as much privacy as a typical Bed and Breakfast would offer. We were able to come and go as we pleased, we had the opportunity to walk the grounds as if it were our own back yard, and we even had our own private hot-tub!


Our host was very friendly, and even provided a delicious breakfast and some great recommendations for nearby attractions at the end of our stay.

So you might be wondering – how much did all of this cost? Well I am proud to say that it only cost me $45 per night! A major perk to Airbnb is the variety of coupons available to you, not only as a new customer, but also as a returning Airbnb-er.

Upon signing up, a new customer is rewarded with a $40 discount off the first booking of $75 or more. In addition, you are able to earn $20 for every family or friend you refer to Airbnb – which is how I’ve tallied up all of my discounts.

The verdict: I. Love. Airbnb. (And so does my wallet.) I was able to spend a glorious week traveling throughout New England, seeing things I wouldn’t have normally seen, due to my frugal nature. My philosophy is “Why spend so much money when you’re really only at a hotel to sleep?”


My grand total for 7 days of Airbnb is $375! Compared to a typical 7 night stay at a hotel, which can rack up to $800 or more, I would say it was a big success.

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