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The Pros and Cons of Using Groupon

1groupon.jpgThere is no doubt that many people have saved an impressive chunk of money while using the Groupon app – but to this day, there are still a number of people who remain skeptical of this innovative platform of purchasing power.

What kind of deals are offered? Is there a catch? Does it really save you money? Continue reading to unveil both the pros and cons of using Groupon!

2groupon.jpgFor those of you who don’t already know, Groupon is a free service that offers a variety of discounted products and services, including but not limited to:

  • Things to Do (Concerts, Art Classes, Kid’ Activities, Museums, Sport Events, Nightlife, etc.)
  • Beauty and Spas
  • Food & Drink (Groceries, Restaurant gift cards, etc.)
  • Goods
  • Coupons

3 groupon.jpgI first became familiar with Groupon a few years ago when I booked a Lake Placid weekend getaway. The deal I purchased seemed legitimate, and it turned out to be a great weekend spent in the Adirondacks (including a $20 coupon to the Hotel’s restaurant!)

In addition to some great money-saving bundles, here are more Pros of using Groupon:

  1. It’s easy to join, at no cost. Simply click the “sign up” option at the top right hand corner of the screen, fill out the necessary info (i.e. name, email, create a password.) and you’re all set to surf the site for your deals.
  1. Each day, Groupon sends an email announcement to its subscribers, outlining the deal-of-the-day in the particular subscriber’s metro area. Often, the deals are 50% discounts at specific restaurants or stores. Sometimes, Groupon will even offer an additional 20%-50% discount off your (already discounted) purchase!
  1. The accessibility of Groupon has grown rapidly over the last few years. Today, you can find Groupon deals in nearly any major city in the USA and Canada. So if you’re ever traveling and wondering about local Groupon deals in your area, just open your app.

5 groupon.jpgBut through further research, I have found that while Groupon allows customers to save a pretty penny every now and then, it’s not always a light and fluffy experience. Here are some of the Cons of using Groupon:

  1. One of the major setbacks of Groupon is the time-limited nature of the app. Once a deal is announced, it will only remain online for 24-72 hours. After which the deal will no longer be offered.
  1. People tend to spend money on things they didn’t initially intend on purchasing. It’s not to say that Groupon doesn’t offer great sales, rather, its subscribers are modern consumers who love to spend money. If you want to avoid over-spending, you should use Groupon with a specific purchase in mind. Surfing the app can be dangerous to your wallet (I know this, firsthand)
  1. You always need to read the fine-print, especially when booking trips. When shopping around for a getaway on Groupon, the common assumption is that once the trip has been purchased, it’s “done.” But in most cases, that’s not true. Read through all of the details of a getaway, and determine if there is any more legwork needed (i.e. is the flight included? Does it include excursions? Are the dates and times corresponding with your desired time frame?)

4 groupon.jpgAfter weighing the pros and cons, and taking into consideration my own experiences with Groupon, I can certainly reaffirm that it is an excellent route to take for someone who likes to save money. Will it be my prime source of shopping for travel and goods? Probably not. But I will always be checking the app for local deals whenever I’m out and about.

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