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5 Frugal Things I’ve done lately


Living frugally (or attempting to) isn’t as difficult as you may think. I’m always researching new and interesting ways that will allow me to save a few dollars here and there. Continue reading to see what I’ve done this last week to save some money!

pack lunch.jpg

  1. I finally got myself prepared enough to bring a packed lunch to work- which I’ve done every day this last week. Not only does this make my lunch hour go further since there’s no time spent driving to and from the store to buy food, but I save at least $8 each day!baking soda.jpg
  1. I realized that I ran out of toothpaste- instead of running to the store and purchasing a tube for $4-$6 (to likely purchase another tube in 3 weeks,) I pulled the Baking Soda out of the cupboard, put a pinch in a glass with water, and used that instead. As I mentioned in a previous blog article, using Baking Soda isn’t just a cheaper alternative to toothpaste- it’s also healthier for you! Baking Soda doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals that toothpaste is made from (i.e. fluoride) and it’s much less abrasive on your teeth.walking.jpg
  1. I walked to work. Instead of a 10 minute drive, I opted for a 35 minute walk. I might not do this every day, but if it does become a routine, I’ll save big on gas! (And the cost of gas really adds up…click here to calculate how much you’re spending!)airbnb.jpg
  1. I booked a trip – through Airbnb! As I mentioned in my last blog post, my discovery of Airbnb has been nothing but beneficial. To be honest, I was stressing out about how much money I was going to have to spend on my upcoming road trip to the New England coast. When I found a private residence for $48/night on Airbnb (with a $40 discount,) my jaw dropped. I’m only spending $177 for a 4 day trip I was preparing to spend nearly $500 on! You can check out Airbnb here.appetizers.jpg
  1. I went out to eat – and made a meal out of appetizers and sides. I don’t know about you, but when I eat at a restaurant I typically spend $13-$17/plate. By making the switch to ordering an appetizer and a side, I spend $7-10 for my entire meal, and I’m still satisfied. It’s good to save money where you can, right?

Another great tip: try to order water with lemon whenever you eat out. Those beverage/refill costs are where they really “get” you!

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