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The Top 7 Habits of Frugal People

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Too many people have the misconception that frugal people are “cheap,” or don’t have a lot of money- of course, both of these assumptions can be true, but a frugal person can often be very wealthy! In my opinion, a frugal person isn’t afraid to spend money, rather, they have a lot of respect for it.

Would you identify yourself as a frugal person? Continue reading to understand the importance of frugality in life, and to find out the top 7 habits of frugal people!


  1. Couponing. People who aren’t frugal fail to understand how $0.75 and $1.00 coupons can add up. Before I started couponing, I’ll admit- I thought it would require hours of my time. The truth? It doesn’t. All it takes is a matter of minutes to scope through the Sunday paper for the coupons I know I’ll need/use.recycle.jpg
  1. Caring about the little things. While some people don’t find a benefit in clipping coupons or recycling for cash, frugal people know that these little efforts really do add up. It’s not necessarily about saving up every cent, rather, it’s about using money wisely to pursue our greater financial
  1. Acknowledging indulgences. It’s important to know your weak points. But it’s also important to allow yourself to occasionally indulge on a few things, that way, you won’t feel the need to go “all out” in other facets of your spending.dining out.jpg
  1. Eat out less. As I discussed in the last blog post, people who frequently eat out spend thousands more per year than those of us who make an effort to dine at home. Of course there will be the special occasions when it’s completely necessary to go out to eat (birthdays, anniversaries, meetings etc.) but if you eat at home as much as possible, you’ll really save a pretty 1.jpg
  1. Don’t shop as a form of entertainment. I’ll admit- This was my biggest problem. Whenever I was bored or looking for something to do, I would grab my wallet and head to the mall. Frivolous spending is the downfall for a lot of us- so it’s important to fill our lives with meaningful hobbies that can take the place of reckless spending.the last drop.jpg
  1. Use everything right to the last drop. Whether it’s makeup, hand soap, ketchup, or even a carton of milk – it’s important to maximize the use out of every purchase. Too many people give up and throw purchases away that still had 1-3 weeks left of use.sweater.jpg
  1. Don’t compare yourself to others. If you’re always admiring the lifestyle of other people, you will always be trying to reach an impossible standard. Learn to be satisfied with your individual life situation, be happy with what you have, and grateful for what you can reasonably afford.

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