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Were You Born to Have Your Own Business?


Owning your own business is unlike any other job you can have. Actually, it really isn’t a job- more so a lifestyle. Most entrepreneurs will tell you, firsthand, that going into business for yourself is the most challenging yet rewarding life choice. And while some people just aren’t equipped for the potential struggles of entrepreneurship, there are still the select few people who don’t back down in the face of adversity.

In my research I have narrowed down the 15 most important habits that an entrepreneur should possess. It’s not to say that if you don’t possess some of these characteristics that you shouldn’t go into business for yourself, rather, it might be more of a challenge for you. Continue reading to find out what these valuable qualities are, and to see where you fit in.


  1. You can’t sit still. You’re always coming up with new ideas, aiming to do something great.
  1. You don’t give up easily. You face challenges head-on, without giving up.
  1. You set goals for yourself. Whether they are big dreams or little hopes, you let goals fill your life.
  1. You like telling stories. You love to share your experiences with other people.
  1. You don’t dwell on the past. When unfortunate or unplanned circumstances occur, you continue moving forward.
  1. You make rational decisions. Instead of letting your emotions control your life, you allow your logic to take the lead.
  1. You help your friends solve their problems. You’re talented at analyzing problems.
  1. You love to learn new things. Tutorials and informational sessions are like reality TV for you- you can’t get enough.
  1. You can identify flaws in other ideas. This is something that comes naturally to you.
  1. You hate being told what to do. Feeling resentful of taking orders isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means that you’re a born leader.
  1. You often think of ways to improve your employer’s business. When you’re at work, you might often be thinking of how it could be even better.
  1. You talk with mostly everyone you meet. You aren’t intimidated by the fact that someone might be a stranger, you allow yourself to open up and converse.
  1. You see failure as an obstacle, not a defeat. There will be numerous “failures,” but you don’t allow them to deter you from your mission.
  1. You make sacrifices for the things you want in life. You’re ‘ok’ with giving things up for greater possibilities.
  1. You’re proud of yourself. Not only do you acknowledge your own strengths and accomplishments, but you genuinely like yourself.

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Were you born to have your own business? Even if only some of these habits sound like you, it might be time for you to start pursuing your calling as an entrepreneur. For help in doing so, contact SeaComm’s Business Loan Officer, Rob Barlow, at 315-764-0566 ext. 510, cell: 315-250-4771, or email

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