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Summer Car Shopping: Are you getting the best deal?

car shopping.jpgIt’s that time of year already. People will be flocking to the dealer lots looking for that new car they’ve seen in the ads and commercials. But did you know that most people drive away from the dealership paying more than they should? That’s not right! I’ve researched the best ways to score a good deal, and to ensure that you’re not paying more than what you’ve budgeted for. Read on to learn how you can save a pretty penny on your next vehicle…

payment plan.jpgSet a monthly payment ceiling. It’s easy to get sucked in by the appealing offers and commercials, but that’s not where it ends. Once you’re at the dealership, you’ll be pitched a variety of add-ons that will inflate your monthly payment considerably. Here’s what to do: before you set foot on a dealer lot, crunch the numbers and figure out what you can comfortably afford each month. You can meet with SeaComm’s financial service representatives at any one of our 6 branch locations in Massena, Potsdam, Malone, Canton, Ogdensburg and Plattsburgh … they will be able to discuss viable loan options for you, coinciding with your budget!

secure financingSecure financing- before you visit the dealer. Some people don’t realize that dealers don’t just want to sell you a car, they also want to coordinate the car loan (in their favor) too! It’s a good idea to secure financing from your credit union in advance so that you can ensure that your best interest is always at the forefront of the car buying process. Click here to learn how you can apply for a new or used auto loan with SeaComm!

new car.jpgNarrow your choices down to a few cars. You can start the search by researching cars that have caught your eye, and then see if they can fit into your budget. A great way to start perusing for vehicles is Garage Gizmo. On this site, you can search through a variety of cars in your region, and narrow it down by selecting the make/model, new/pre-owned, price range etc. of your choosing. Click here to start looking!


Be mindful of the model cycle. Assuming that you’re not the type of person who has to have the “latest and greatest” new models, the best approach to take when buying a car is to look for the previous year’s models that have just hit the dealer lots. Will you really notice a major difference between a 2018/2017 and 2016 model? (No, probably not.)


Don’t be afraid to haggle. Arguing over prices can either be fun or a hassle. (It’s fun for me.) But it’s a necessary evil in ensuring that you get the best deal you deserve. You’re not going to hurt the salesperson’s feelings by asking for a better price, but you COULD save yourself a pretty penny by doing so. Tip: Before visiting the dealer lot, do your research on the vehicle(s) that you want. Compare prices both online and at other dealerships. Always be polite but remain firm.

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