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How to Celebrate Memorial Day 2017 for Under $30

memorial day

Are you planning to splurge this Memorial Day weekend? Think twice! There are a variety of ways you can enjoy this extra-special weekend without exceeding your budget. This is a time to celebrate America and the bond we share with family and friends, so there is no reason why you should be breaking your bank to enjoy it. Read on for some cheap, fun ways to enjoy this holiday!

Go on a Camping Trip


Since Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, many people choose to celebrate with a getaway. Camping at a local campsite is a great way to do that on a $30 budget. I spend numerous weekends, after Memorial Day, camping throughout northern New York- and I always book my site through, which allows me to find campsites that only charge $5 to $10 per night. But of course you can’t have a camping trip without good food- and lots of it! Make sure to pack inexpensive foods like hot dogs, bread, beans, granola bars, and chips.

The best of all? Camping offers a variety of free outdoor activities like hiking, swimming and fishing.


Host a Potluck


Whenever I have planned a barbecue with friends and family, I’ve always exceeded my $30 budget in purchasing food, drinks, plates and utensils, wood for the fire etc. So instead of purchasing everything myself, I prefer to have potlucks.

It’s super easy- for every person you invite, ask them to bring a dish or a drink to pass around. Not only will this save you a great deal of cash, but you won’t have to worry about everyone’s personal preferences, because they have already brought the food or drink they enjoy!

Tip: One of the most budget-friendly meals is chili. With 2 lbs. of ground beef and roughly a pound of dried beans- along with spices and sauce, of course- you can feed over a dozen people for under $20!


Have a Beach Day

beach day.jpg

A day spent at the beach doesn’t require much money, if any. At the very least, you’ll want to bring along towels, sunscreen, and possibly an umbrella for shade. Also, most public beaches provide grills so you can cook some hot dogs or burgers and create your own Memorial Day picnic!


Enjoy a Stay-cation


There is a good chance that there is some kind of activity going on near you during Memorial Day weekend. Whether it is a street fair, parade, fireworks or a BBQ, these events are usually free or at a very low cost. Consider checking your local newspaper or looking online for a listing of nearby events. And it also helps to ask around- sometimes, your friends and family can tell you more about what’s going on than the newspapers!


Take a Day Trip


Celebrate Memorial Day 2017 by releasing your inner-explorer. You might not be able to go on your dream vacation with a $30 budget, but you’ll be surprised with how many places you can visit without spending a ton of money. You can pack up the car with some snacks and head to the Adirondack Park for a hike, or sit by the river and enjoy a picnic while bird watching. We are lucky to live in such a naturally beautiful region of New York, take advantage of it!

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