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My Review of Township 7 Brewing Co.

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Craft breweries and brew pubs have become more of a common sight in the North Country as of late, and things show no sign of stopping. Although craft breweries have a tendency to be on the pricier side of the spectrum, I think I may have found one which offers top notch quality, but for an incredibly reasonable price.

The drive to Township 7 was very scenic, with farms and valleys hugging the road. And of course the occasional Amish horse and buggy. But the last thing you would expect in the rural depths of Dickinson Center is a brewery, let alone a brewery with the most interestingly beautiful architecture. After scoping the new building that houses these acclaimed craft beers, my first thought was “I’m probably going to put a huge dent in my wallet tonight…” But to my surprise, I was wrong.


As I walked in, I received an extremely warm welcome from both the patrons and the beer sommelier, and was even offered to take a tour to see where the beer is made! “Do they know I’m reviewing their establishment?” I thought to myself. “Maybe that’s why they’re being so nice to me?” But as I toured the building and spoke with some of the patrons, it became obvious that everyone at Township 7 is treated like family.


When it came time to select a beverage, I naturally decided to go with the sampler flight of beers. Why try one when you can try them all? At only $2/glass, I asked how many I could sample, for which they replied “as many as you like!” And even though I had only selected five beverages to sample, the sommelier offered me complimentary samples of some of their other creations- which I have to say, were all delicious. My favorite was the Raspberry Haze (which I highly recommend.)


Another beverage in particular that really stuck with me was the all-natural ginger ale. A non-alcoholic homemade creation that not only appeals to those who abstain from “hard” drinks, but also satisfies those of us who enjoy a rush of organic flavor (at an incredibly low price.) While enjoying a slew of beverages and making great conversation with the other patrons, I munched on pretzels and gourmet beef sticks. I guess you could say I was in heaven?


When I asked the owner, Nathan Drake, what else he plans to do to promote Township 7, he informed me that this weekend (Saturday, May 20th) they have a lot going on! Inner Peace Yoga will host a yoga session titled “Poses and Pints,” beginning at 10am, followed by a complimentary drink and a showing of essential oils with Tina Riley. And if that isn’t enough for you, Jerry Blossom BBQ will be serving (delicious) Asian chicken thighs and slaw with Jasmine rice for only $15/plate starting around 1pm. And if THAT isn’t enough for you, acclaimed local singer Julie Jenkinson will be providing FREE live music starting at 2pm.

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Don’t be surprised if you catch me at Township 7 this weekend, sipping on delicious beverages, indulging on tasty Asian chicken and dancing to some great music. And if you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive weekend outing, I suggest you do the same! Cheers!

To learn more about Township 7, check out their website here. And to stay up to date on all of the events and happenings, check out their Facebook here.

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