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7 Stress Relief Items You Need in Your Life for Under $20

stress relief.jpgLet’s face it, money is the most stressful component of life, so why would you want to break your bank for something that’s supposed to RELIEVE stress? Using both my research and personal preferences, I’ve created a list of 7 “must-haves” for those of us who could use a little less stress in our lives. Continue reading to learn about these inexpensive tools for comfort and relaxation!

  1. Essential Oils ($8.99)

essential oils.jpg

I could go on for hours and hours about the many benefits of essential oils; ranging from enhanced relaxation, deeper sleep, mood elevation and pain relief. The best of all? If you know where to get them, these essential oils can be pretty cheap.

While some people will tell you to apply essential oils directly to the body, you can choose to use a diffuser to extend their effects. Using an essential oil diffuser is a great way to combat pain caused by headaches, soreness in the joints, or even specific parts of your body that have been overworked. Not to mention you can score one of these diffusers for under $20!

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp ($12-$20)salt lamp.jpg

Made from the salt crystals found in the Himalayan Mountains, these salt lamps are said to release negative ions into the air when they are heated (by the bulb, inside) in an effort to cleanse the air.

In addition to this purifying effect, Himalayan salt lamps emit a smooth glowing light that creates a relaxing ambiance. I keep mine right beside me in my office, and I have to say, the hue of the lamp definitely adds a “calming” effect to my workday.

  1. Handheld Scalp Massager ($1.99)scalp massager.jpg

When I first came across the handheld scalp massager I was apprehensive about whether or not it was actually effective, or if it was just a lame marketing scheme.

To my surprise, I felt relaxed after just one use! The most common scalp massager resembles a “spider,” and the wires of the massager work to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

It should also be noted that these scalp massagers have been known to promote hair growth and repair stressed muscles!

  1. Adult Coloring Book ($4-$12)coloring book.jpg

I love my coloring book (Don’t laugh!)

They are all the rage, and for a good reason. Research has indicated that coloring actually helps to reduce stress in adults and aid in relaxation.

Remember when you were a kid, and you got so involved in every detail of the creativity behind coloring? Remember how proud you were to show off your “masterpiece” to you parents and friends? Well, this is the same euphoria that is felt as adults, while coloring. Not to mention they are dirt cheap. Why don’t you give it a try?

  1. Lavender Stress Relief Tea ($2.75)lavender tea.jpg

There are so many benefits to drinking lavender tea, but to mention a few: insomnia relief, indigestion relief, migraine treatment, and it even promotes relaxation and stress relief.

I prefer to drink my lavender tea right before bed, but really, you can enjoy it anytime.

  1. Panic Pete ($4.99) panic pete2.jpg

Hilarious, right? People actually pay for a doll, named Pete,  to squeeze in stressful situations?

But the truth is, it actually works! Studies have shown that people who use Panic Pete’s will likely experience a significant decrease in anxiety levels, not to mention they are provided with some good comic relief every time the doll’s eyes bulge out!

I might have to try this, myself.

  1. Meditation CD/Playlist ($7-$9.99)meditation.jpg

I am one of those people who listens to Zen music, and I often have it playing while working. I have found that it takes me to a “place” where I am able to relax and concentrate.

These CD’s can be found at any department store, but I choose to purchase mine via iTunes. There are a variety of options when deciding on what genre to look for, i.e. Celtic, Classical, Gregorian, or even Nature sounds.

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