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Do you still shop at stores even if they don’t have any sales?

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Everybody likes a good deal- but to some people, it seems to be the only allure to an in-store shopping experience. And with an ever-growing dependency on technology, people are relying on the online market to provide them with these deals that they just can’t seem to get enough of.

First Insight, an analytics firm which focuses on consumer data, has just released the results of a survey taken by more than 1,300 consumers. The survey found that:

  • 45% of women will not enter a store if there isn’t a sale or advertised discount of 41% or more.
  • Nearly 40% of shoppers will go to another store to find a better price.
  • 60% of women look to online shopping for the better deals.

The results from the survey come as no surprise- because in the last decade, we have seen a significant shift in the retail industry. Consumers have gone from favoring brick-and-mortar retailers to relying on online retailers for their shopping needs. Not only do these online retailers offer the element of convenience, but they seem to offer lower prices as well. Across the nation, numerous department stores have closed retail locations in favor of shifting their focus to the online market.

Personally, I would consider myself a ‘traditional shopper,’ as I enjoy visiting stores, trying things on, and perusing through items and merchandise I never even intended on purchasing- it’s all about the experience, right? I cannot imagine doing all of my shopping online- but evidently, more and more people are spending less time in the stores, and more time on their phones clicking that ‘add to cart’ button.


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